Daily Archives: December 24, 2010

I really wish I could show you….

…the things I’ve been working on lately. But they are all Christmas presents and I want to keep them a surprise for just another day or two. (The photo above is a hint.)

I think I am finally finished. Ready for the holiday. Literally wrapped up. If it’s not done now, it’s not getting done. We’re off to Portland for Christmas with our sons. Yee ha! One of the last things I finished making this morning, was a batch of English muffins. Something I can show you, and proudly too. This batch was an experiment; the first time I used only the sourdough starter I captured from wild yeast last summer. I haven’t trusted the starter to be active enough to rise a huge batch of dough, that gets handled this much, so in the past I added ┬ájust a little yeast to the starter to give it a boost. Not this time. I’m happy to say that “Wild Miss Islesford” is one active mother!


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