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Answering Holly’s official request

Tomorrow, (Saturday) my friends Kaitlyn Duggan, Jeri Spurling and I will host an open studio sale and holiday gathering on Little Cranberry Island. When Kaitlyn did this last year, she included a chance to make Christmas tree ornaments from old holiday cards.  It gave everyone something to do, especially if they didn’t feel like shopping. It was a lot of fun. I took on the challenge this year to come up with a little project. I love these silly reindeer. They have such individual personalities and they’re not too complicated to make. At least, from what I remember. The last time I made them was when I saw them in Martha Stewart’s magazine in 2000. (Holy cow! That was 11 years ago!)

Don’t you love the beaded trees in the background? I wish I could say I made those too, but they were made by the talented Liz DeLaittre of Bar Harbor. I buy one every year at the Island Arts Association Holiday Fair. (Where I was last weekend.)  They are way too pretty to put away after Christmas, so I leave them out on my windowsill all year.

Got any pipe cleaners Holly? I bet you and Maia will be making some reindeer soon!


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