Answering Holly’s official request

Tomorrow, (Saturday) my friends Kaitlyn Duggan, Jeri Spurling and I will host an open studio sale and holiday gathering on Little Cranberry Island. When Kaitlyn did this last year, she included a chance to make Christmas tree ornaments from old holiday cards.  It gave everyone something to do, especially if they didn’t feel like shopping. It was a lot of fun. I took on the challenge this year to come up with a little project. I love these silly reindeer. They have such individual personalities and they’re not too complicated to make. At least, from what I remember. The last time I made them was when I saw them in Martha Stewart’s magazine in 2000. (Holy cow! That was 11 years ago!)

Don’t you love the beaded trees in the background? I wish I could say I made those too, but they were made by the talented Liz DeLaittre of Bar Harbor. I buy one every year at the Island Arts Association Holiday Fair. (Where I was last weekend.)  They are way too pretty to put away after Christmas, so I leave them out on my windowsill all year.

Got any pipe cleaners Holly? I bet you and Maia will be making some reindeer soon!


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6 responses to “Answering Holly’s official request

  1. Marly Penner

    Angie and I want to come and make some reindeer today. We’ll bring along Holly and Maia…wouldn’t that be fun! Love your jewelry display…beautiful “wooden steps” and great leaf-shaped earring cards! Have fun at your studio show today! Fa la la!


    • Barb Fernald

      I wish I wish I wish! It would have been really fun to have you all here. We’ll have to work on that “beaming around” plan so that Islesford is right next to Waterloo and Southbury. We had a fun group show up to make reindeer and I even had a few sales. I have had those wooden display steps for close to 20 years, going through many generations of coverings from dark green velvet to the current white felt. I like it the best with the leaf cards. I’ve only been making those for the past 2 years.
      I hope you guys are doing well.


  2. Susan White

    Love both the reindeer and trees!


  3. holly kellogg

    o. my. god! even better than i had imagined!
    special trip tomorrow to get pipe cleaners!!!!
    and i do love those bead trees….does liz delaittre have a website?


  4. Barb Fernald

    They are fun to make. I hope you make some. I’ll put some photos up tomorrow. Liz doesn’t have a web site as far as I know. I looked online, but could only find references to her name in the local paper as one of the participants of the craft show. Have fun with the pipe cleaners!


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