Daily Archives: January 3, 2011

Yesterday felt like April…

…with lots of fog and rain. Somewhat unusual for January. But today, winter was back to work, just like most of us after the holidays.

Among other things, I grew carrots last summer, and left some of them in the ground covered with an extra layer of dirt. It seemed like a good place to store them as long as I could still dig them up before the ground froze. We had a fairly mild December, and even with the blizzard last week the temperatures were still pretty moderate. My carrots were well insulated under their snowy blanket. The forecast this week is for much colder weather. Today was my last chance for a first time experience: harvesting carrots in January.

The top inch of soil was already frozen, so I was not a moment too soon in my efforts.

3 pounds of organic carrots, fresh picked from my front yard on January 3. You can’t get food more local than that. They taste pretty darn good too!


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