Daily Archives: January 16, 2011

Plenty of rocks

I ran low on my supply of drilled beach rocks after holiday sales, so here is some of the work I plan to do during the weekend. I actually quite enjoy it. When I can’t find a good block of time to work in the studio, I can always drill rocks to have on hand for future necklaces. I keep a sketch pad nearby because the repetitive work of drilling rocks often frees up my creative mind for new designs.

Last September I trained myself to listen to books on CD while I worked in the studio. (I say trained because I have tried listening to books on long car rides and I could never get into them.) For years I have kept  a little journal of books I read, so it seemed natural to keep track of the books I’ve listened to as well. Blogging, e-mails and FaceBook have chipped away at my reading time. In the last 12 months I only read 14 books. That seems like a sad small number to me, compared to what I used to read. It was reassuring to realize I had listened to 19 books in just 4 months, bringing my book  total for the year up to 33.

With all of these beach pebbles ready to drill, I could get a lot of  “reading” done this weekend.


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