Plenty of rocks

I ran low on my supply of drilled beach rocks after holiday sales, so here is some of the work I plan to do during the weekend. I actually quite enjoy it. When I can’t find a good block of time to work in the studio, I can always drill rocks to have on hand for future necklaces. I keep a sketch pad nearby because the repetitive work of drilling rocks often frees up my creative mind for new designs.

Last September I trained myself to listen to books on CD while I worked in the studio. (I say trained because I have tried listening to books on long car rides and I could never get into them.) For years I have kept  a little journal of books I read, so it seemed natural to keep track of the books I’ve listened to as well. Blogging, e-mails and FaceBook have chipped away at my reading time. In the last 12 months I only read 14 books. That seems like a sad small number to me, compared to what I used to read. It was reassuring to realize I had listened to 19 books in just 4 months, bringing my book  total for the year up to 33.

With all of these beach pebbles ready to drill, I could get a lot of  “reading” done this weekend.


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6 responses to “Plenty of rocks

  1. omigosh. having only drilled a couple of rocks, one at a time, in a pyrex dish, i never imagined that you filled 20-or-so pyrex dishes with LOTS of rocks! i’m FINALLY starting to understand how you can be so productive!!! so impressive!
    btw, i am loving your daily posts…..


    • Barb Fernald

      BTW I love that you think I am productive. It was just what I needed to hear on a day when I am feeling especially UNPRODUCTIVE about the month of January. (I have yet to spend any time in the studio this year and I am beating myself up about it.)
      All those little glass dishes for the rocks were such a bargain about 6 years ago. We were in the Fishs Eddy store in NYC (Do you know it? Restaurant over-run of dishes. They used to have bargain prices until everyone discovered it and the store became uber trendy). They had cases of the little and medium dishes for $3. Better yet, there were 33 dishes in a case! I bought one of each size because they were such a good deal. I had no idea what I was going to do with them. If I had been drilling rocks then, I would have bought at least 2 of each and splurged the extra $6.


    • Barb Fernald

      P.S. I’m not sure if I like the post a day challenge, but I think I do….


  2. Susan White

    I love your post a day too. As for productive, I would have to look really hard to find somebody as productive as you are on a daily basis: jewelry, writing, baking, cooking, entertaining, being a great wife and mom, and not to forget the good care you shower on your mother. Chris says I should shut my mind down once in a while, but my mind is in low gear compared to yours. You rock…and drill rocks too!


    • Barb Fernald

      Oh Susan, that is really nice of you. I don’t know why the “productiveness police” occupy my mind so much. Today was a much better day. I took a walk on the beach at low tide, out to the Coast Guard station. It was all flat sand. A real nice break from the icy road we usually use on that same walk. I also took my camera and shot stuff just for the pure fun of it. I’ve forgotten to do that lately.
      Then home to watch the Patriots game. Yikes! Where were they? What a disappointment!


      • Susan White

        I know. I was happy to be in Orono at the U. Maine vs Boston College. Maine won 4-1. Our seats were so good I actually saw two goals! Peter was especially happy to be there. Actually, I liked the great pep band and the cheering as much as the game!!


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