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Reflecting on reflections

It’s enough to make a girl want to stop polishing her silver!

Not only does it take more effort to create a polished finish on metal, it’s also harder to photograph without creating a mirror miniature of yourself, or your camera, or both, in the center of the piece. (Yet another reason to hire a professional photographer.) Taking a photography class could help, but a hands-on class is not easily accessible from the island. It might take a long time to figure out what works from trial and error, but I’ll keep pecking away at it with my amateur set up, for now.

These earrings are a simple design, but the convex surface reflects everything. There needs to be some bit of reflection to indicate that the surface is shiny, but hello? The camera? The card table?  Too much info for me to see in a tiny earring.

From the side, there is less surface to show a reflection. An easier shot. I’m happy with this.

But, back to the front of the earrings. I tried a larger piece of white paper to hide behind. I cut a hole in it for the camera lens. It was a little better, but I still need to work on this when it comes to the high polished finish.

Time to see if one of the mischievous kitties could help.

Then I just decided to embrace the shiny challenge…

….by wearing a disguise.





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Why am I trying to do Post a Day 2011?

The Post a Day challenge is a personal one, even though there are many WordPress bloggers who have taken it on. It’s voluntary. Have I gained anything from doing this? I think so. This little challenge has helped me look more closely at my surroundings as I go through my day. My awareness of opportunity is heightened. My creativity is being fed in a way I never expected.

On days like this, when I am up against the wall, trying to find something to post, it does not make me want to throw in the towel and skip a day. It makes me want to take more photos tomorrow, or work on something new in the studio, so I will have more images from which to choose the next time.

I was thinking about making valentines, as I walked around Portsmouth with my friends last weekend. Maybe I would find some interesting paper for a collage? Some cute little cards to send?  I was hoping for some ideas to surface. It never ceases to amaze me how the universe answers the open mind. I walked past this little piece of snow on the sidewalk, noticing it with a delayed reaction. Of course!

A few days later, during my frozen seaweed walk on the beach, this:

Yesterday I looked at dried seaweed pieces I had at home. (Photo prop possibilities?) I thought it would be interesting to capture their shadows in the late afternoon sun, which led me to this:


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