Reflecting on reflections

It’s enough to make a girl want to stop polishing her silver!

Not only does it take more effort to create a polished finish on metal, it’s also harder to photograph without creating a mirror miniature of yourself, or your camera, or both, in the center of the piece. (Yet another reason to hire a professional photographer.) Taking a photography class could help, but a hands-on class is not easily accessible from the island. It might take a long time to figure out what works from trial and error, but I’ll keep pecking away at it with my amateur set up, for now.

These earrings are a simple design, but the convex surface reflects everything. There needs to be some bit of reflection to indicate that the surface is shiny, but hello? The camera? The card table?  Too much info for me to see in a tiny earring.

From the side, there is less surface to show a reflection. An easier shot. I’m happy with this.

But, back to the front of the earrings. I tried a larger piece of white paper to hide behind. I cut a hole in it for the camera lens. It was a little better, but I still need to work on this when it comes to the high polished finish.

Time to see if one of the mischievous kitties could help.

Then I just decided to embrace the shiny challenge…

….by wearing a disguise.





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6 responses to “Reflecting on reflections

  1. LeAnn

    You are hysterical! And I now know where to find really shiny silver. If you ever do figure out how to do this photos without the camera or yourself in the earings, please do share it. I have problems like this with glazes all of the time and no idea how to fix it.


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi LeAnn,
      I have had pretty good luck with just using a gallon milk jug, with the bottom cut out, as a dome over the pieces I’m trying to photograph. The plastic diffuses the light, and I can shoot through the hole in the top of the jug.
      OMG! That is the simplest thing and the one I didn’t try yesterday! Duh, me. I have a new blog post coming right up…..


  2. holly k

    You are laugh out loud funny! I admire your high polish so much! I never do that because my surfaces aren’t perfect enough…


    • Barb Fernald

      Holly, you know what? When I look at these photos, all I can see is the imperfections in the surface of the earrings! I think I should have done a better job. We are way too hard on ourselves…. which is why life needs to be funny!
      No word from Rockland yet….


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