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The thought of engaging the left side of my brain…

…gives me a headache. Would the fact that I shunned my planned paperwork for today be the opposite of a creative block?  I was going to get up and get right to work organizing the papers for my mother’s tax accountant. Instead I found it easier than ever to get right to work on finishing up some metal clay beads in my studio.

Plan B was to start in on the piles of medical receipts, charitable receipts, assisted living receipts, etc. after lunch, so I would be on my way to getting this task completed and off my mind. I don’t even have to do hard math to figure it out. I just have to organize it to get the figures I need to record.

I like using my computer for the ease of taking photos from my digital camera, looking at them, cropping them, and sorting them.  I spend a few hours at night adding to my own blog, checking e-mail, reading other people’s blogs, feeding my creativity. What I do NOT do, and have never been good at doing, is organize receipts and numbers. Excel is something I hope to do at my craft. Computer program? Online banking? Spreadsheets? Eeeek! They all terrify me. Or maybe they bore me. For some it’s an “easier way to do it” but I have yet to come out of my right side shell and embrace the left (dark) side when it comes to keeping track of figures on the computer. I know. Call me a luddite.

Tomorrow, my plan is to get up early and get this little paperwork job done, before I look at the beads I finished and fired today. If I had a digital display on my forehead tomorrow, maybe it would look just like my kiln did this afternoon:


Job finished. And in less than 3 hours.



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