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More Town Meeting photos….

….taken by Henry Isaacs, artist citizen. I almost never have photos of myself on my blog. (Probably because I don’t take them.) ┬áBut Henry put these up on his FaceBook page, so I thought I would put them up here for my post. I missed the day yesterday due to a writing deadline and another migraine. After 14 hours of sleep, and completion of the column just one day after deadline, I had a quiet afternoon at home and I’m looking forward to a fabulous day in the studio tomorrow.

I am proud to swear in Denise McCormick, who was just re-elected to the position of Town Clerk. She is fabulous at her job. High five!

Responsible citizens and students from the Islesford School:

“Is there a motion to put article 17c on the floor for discussion?”

Denise and Barb at 6:15. Relieved that the meeting was finally finished!


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