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Home sweet home

What a great weekend learning about flame working and soft glass bead making. My mind is spinning with ideas and thoughts about setting up a flame working area of my own. But, let’s face it. It’s March in Maine. Not a time of ready income for those of us who are self employed. If I do get into making my own glass beads at home, it will not be for quite a while. It’s not something to rush into, but I have the bug. Good thing that Ed and Virginia offer Open Torch Time at their studio.


Open Torch Time — Studio Rental of Flameworking/Lampworking Facilities

Hourly torch and annealer rental… practice your skills with other lampworkers between classes in a friendly and creative space. Get to work with and try different torches. All tools are supplied… of course you may bring and use any of your own favorites too. Do bring your your own glass, or you may purchase glass from us.

Friday evenings 5:30 – 10pm – Call to reserve your space.
Other days/nights are often available as class schedules permit. Please Call! 594-7805

Open Torch Rate: $10/hour
Includes: Selection of torches, tools, didymium glasses, mandrels, digitally controlled annealing.


Looks like I may be spending a few Friday nights in Rockland. But right now I’m really happy to be home, and I am looking forward to going to bed early.


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Glass class day 2

The first thing we checked were our beads from day one, fresh out of the kiln. Still on their mandrels.


The colored bits of glass, on the end of the mandrels, were how we kept track of our beads after they went into the kiln to anneal. Each one of us had an identifying color.

Holly’s and my beads from day one.

Holly and I also made some head pins. 

I would have loved one more day of class, but real life calls us back after we pick up our last batch of beads in the morning. Holly heads south, I head north. Bye bye Rockland.




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