Home sweet home

What a great weekend learning about flame working and soft glass bead making. My mind is spinning with ideas and thoughts about setting up a flame working area of my own. But, let’s face it. It’s March in Maine. Not a time of ready income for those of us who are self employed. If I do get into making my own glass beads at home, it will not be for quite a while. It’s not something to rush into, but I have the bug. Good thing that Ed and Virginia offer Open Torch Time at their studio.


Open Torch Time — Studio Rental of Flameworking/Lampworking Facilities

Hourly torch and annealer rental… practice your skills with other lampworkers between classes in a friendly and creative space. Get to work with and try different torches. All tools are supplied… of course you may bring and use any of your own favorites too. Do bring your your own glass, or you may purchase glass from us.

Friday evenings 5:30 – 10pm – Call to reserve your space.
Other days/nights are often available as class schedules permit. Please Call! 594-7805

Open Torch Rate: $10/hour
Includes: Selection of torches, tools, didymium glasses, mandrels, digitally controlled annealing.


Looks like I may be spending a few Friday nights in Rockland. But right now I’m really happy to be home, and I am looking forward to going to bed early.


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8 responses to “Home sweet home

  1. what a beautiful pic of heading home….my heading home was long, but uneventful and not nearly so beautiful! just now popping online to see about getting some glass etching chemicals….


    • Barb Fernald

      Ha ha. I thought about doing the same thing with the etching chemicals.
      I have to admit the photo was from another day. I was too tired to post much, and it seemed like a good representation of a peaceful homecoming. (I’m making sure I’m in bed before 10 tonight.)
      I’m glad to know you are back home safe and sound. I bet everyone was happy to have you back. I was so happy to have you with me for the workshop. Maybe it should be our March routine every year!


  2. What a beautiful sunset. I thought we had good ones over our little lake across the street but that one wins, hands down! So glad you got home safely, and I have decided that you are one of the nicest people I “know,” and I do feel like I know you although we’ve never met. Your comments on my blog are always so supportive, and you carrying the tennis ball for me–off island, even–is one of the most genuine expressions I’ve had in this whole “cancer journey.” Thank you. And thanks for recommending the lobster book. I actually ordered it a few months ago after reading your blog post about it. I intended to give it to our friends who host our annual visit to Salisbury Beach, MA, but I’m reading it myself and need to get them another copy! I’m taking your movie recommendations too; put Duets & Baghdad Cafe at the top of my Netflix queue.


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Nancy,
      That is so nice of you! I feel like I know you too, even though we haven’t met. I think about you often, and would carry a tennis ball in my pocket every day if it would help. I think you are one if the strongest people I know, to keep going forward on these rough days of “house arrest.” Keep on keepin’ on as we used to say in the 70’s.
      I hope you enjoy the lobster book. All of those people are real, as is the story of Bruce’s and my courtship so many years ago. There’s nothing like having your love life compared to lobster sex for a good story. Ha ha.


  3. JeanRamsey

    I wish that I lived closer… I would surely be at a torch on a Fri. evening!!


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