Tiny beads ready for action

Out of the kiln and out of the tumbler.

The Pez beads have shrunk  about 12%.

The next step is to oxidize the beads to darken the recessed areas.

I did not oxidize the heishe beads, since only the edges will show and I want those to be bright.

After hand polishing the oxidized beads, the higher areas are bright silver. These beads are ready to go!


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7 responses to “Tiny beads ready for action

  1. Wow, they are great! I love the heishe beads,(the ones that have the texture on the outside!)


  2. Barb Fernald

    Thanks Sue. I carved those before I fired them. I’ll definitely be doing more of those.


  3. Wow! That’s a lot of beads to be working with all at once! you must get tired of polishing!!! They look great and I look forward to seeing what you create with them.

    M and A just arrived and we were chatting about you tonight! Were you ears burning?


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Ruth,
      Well, they were small so it took a while to build up enough to justify running the kiln. Using the tumbler first makes the hand polishing go more quickly!
      Have a great time with M and A. I would say I’m jealous, but they will be here on the other coast before too long. We’re both lucky to have them as friends. I’m tuning in to “Ellen” today to see if I get a glimpse of them.
      I hope you all have SO much fun together!


  4. Simply beautiful, with so much character. You do good work, lady!


  5. LeAnn

    It’s always wonderful to see the end product but I also love seeing all of the steps.


  6. Barb Fernald

    Thanks Nancy and LeAnn!


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