A really long day off island = a really short post on blog

Among the pieces I dropped off at Alone Moose today, was an asymmetrical necklace designed around one of the ceramic bird beads I bought from LeAnn Weih in her Summers Studio Etsy shop.


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8 responses to “A really long day off island = a really short post on blog

  1. Such a beautiful necklace! Love the combination of beads and colors you chose!
    Hope tomorrow will be more relaxing and the sunshine we’re sending you from California reaches you in time for your morning walk!


  2. The idea of “off island” seems so exotic to me. I love reading about your off-island adventures! Hope the sun is shining for you today.


    • Barb Fernald

      The off-island days are usually filled with whatever fits between the outgoing and incoming boat schedules. Not always exotic activities! Sometimes, if I am in a hurry to catch the mailboat, I’ll actually pretend I don’t see people I know in the grocery store, because I don’t want to lose precious minutes to the “catching up” conversation. Now there is also road construction to make racing for the boat even more exciting! The sun is supposed to come back on Monday….


  3. LeAnn

    I love that! I am always suprised and feel such excitement when I see one of the little birdies find a beautiful home. Have a good weekend.


    • Barb Fernald

      I’m glad you like where one of your birds “perched!” They’re really fun. I keep thinking about selling individual PMC beads. I like making beads more than anything and it would be fun to see how other people would use them.
      The weekend was great, despite the fog. I hope your move is going along well.


  4. Susan White

    Lovely necklace. Have a great wkd. and a great steel band dance. We’ll be seeing steel band in Blue Hill July 4 with Josslyn. Enjoy! xo


    • Barb Fernald

      I can just picture Josslyn dancing to the steel band! It was really fun. Kind of surreal to have the Caribbean sounds coming through the fog. Everyone who danced was wearing a jacket. Some in mittens and hats…at least until we warmed up. Hope you had a good weekend!


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