If you’ve been away from the Cranberry Isles…

…you have been missing some action in Northeast Harbor. Get ready for a whole new look when you return. A new Harbormaster’s building is being constructed which means that for weeks on end,  the walk to the parking lot is never quite the same from day to day. Just when we got used to walking around the back side of the tennis courts to get to the parking lot,  a big ditch appeared in the middle of the path. Forget trying to walk from the parking lot to the 5 p.m. boat in the dark. Take a flashlight or risk your neck! But hey, we’re islanders and we adapt. Just be ready to wonder where you are the next time you show up to visit your favorite islands. (By the way, our town parking spaces have not changed at all; all the action is taking place by the waterfront.)

Below, view from the Cranberry Isles lot. Arrow indicates bathrooms by the Harbormaster’s office.

Walking the path behind the tennis courts to catch the 3:30 boat today. Good times!

Ruh roh! Where’s Ted going to park? Where’s the road? How am I going to get over to my parking lot?



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6 responses to “If you’ve been away from the Cranberry Isles…

  1. Jonatha

    Good Scooby channeling!


  2. Kathleen Lake

    Maine is so picturesque.


  3. I think I forgot how far up you are (or down really since that is downeast, correct?) Wow. You are out there!

    Nothing like a little construction to brighten one’s day. NOT.


    • Barb Fernald

      At least the weather has been pretty good, so it seems like the project is moving quickly at a time when there are the least number of people around. Though, it’s been so mild that it’s mud city!


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