Yay for the early boat ride home

I’m glad I pulled in at the dock in Northeast harbor before I gave Brenda a ride back to her house. My timing was perfect to get a ride home an hour earlier than the regular Sunday ferry. Thank you Ted and Jeri! There were 9 of us headed home on the Hope.

Coming into the harbor, the Islesford Dock Restaurant looks cold and empty in the off season.

My brother, Steve, arrived for a two day visit with our mom, yesterday. I went to meet him as he came back to the island on the regular 3:30 boat. When I saw the sky looking like this, I kicked myself for leaving my camera at home. I almost never go out the door without it in my pocket.

Lucky for me, Steve knew right where his camera was, and let me borrow it.

Home sweet home.



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3 responses to “Yay for the early boat ride home

  1. I love it when you post photos of the island/sea. It’s so beautiful.


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