Two necklaces: finished

This was a commissioned piece. A request for a silver beach rock necklace with just a few beach stones added.

The piece below is one I started as soon as I drilled some of the English sea glass. I LOVE how well the colors combined with the flame worked green glass beads made by Sue Kennedy. I love it so much that as soon as I post this I’m going right to her Etsy site to see if she still has the other focal bead I’ve been eying! (Actually, it’s gone. I bought it before posting. Didn’t want to have any regrets.)

I am so happy with how the frostiness of this bead by Sue combines with the natural frosty finish of the hundred year old sea glass. I like the dichotomy of being able to combine something so old with something so new in a piece. ( I also like using the word dichotomy in reference to a necklace.)

There are two of Sue’s beads in this necklace. Can you spot the other one?                                                                                     Note to self: Time to make more PMC toggle clasps.


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14 responses to “Two necklaces: finished

  1. holly

    gosh, they’re both BEAUTIFUL!!!! you are the reigning queen of asymmetry…i bow down to you! maybe someday i can make something decent that’s asymmetrical, maybe!
    ps…maia is NOT broken and neither is my older friend, just shaken up. whew!


    • Barb Fernald

      Aww, thanks Holly.
      Whew! a good finish to a rocky start. (for you) I’m glad to hear Maia’s arm is okay, and that your older friend is okay. Stuck in the snow for 3 hours would not be fun at any age.


  2. Absolutely stunning! Beautiful- I love what you do!


  3. The necklaces are just gorgeous. And those toggles are fantastic. I love the way you incorporated real stones with the silver ones. Really nice work!


  4. Each of those necklaces are just stunning! Your silver pieces are gorgeous! I LOVE Sue’s beads…use them all the time! Again…just gorgeous!


  5. lorelei

    STUNNING necklaces, I love the second the best. Sue’s beads are the bomb!! This color is just perfect.


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Lorelei! I love your work, and I read your blog regularly. Thanks for checking out mine.
      I agree, Sue’s beads are spectacular!
      (I may have lived in Maine for the last 35 years, but I grew up in Rochester. I’m a fellow “upstate” girl.)


  6. WOW! I love both necklaces Barb! They are gorgeous, as are the toggles! I love what you do with my beads! You make them look great!


  7. These are amazing–both of them!


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