Spring, day 2

I began my day with another walk to the old Coast Guard station. The 45° temperature at 7 a.m. felt like it wouldn’t last. I’ve never felt such soft air, first thing in the morning, in March, in Maine. By noon it was 73° which sets a record. I can’t believe it’s supposed to be as warm or warmer tomorrow!

On my walk the sun was blindingly bright, making me think I should try to get going earlier while it is still behind the trees. (Progress not perfection… I should give myself credit for getting out two mornings in a row, when I feel so out of shape I don’t want to move.)

The song sparrows were nice and loud, cheering me on.

A pile of rocks in the branch of a dead tree cheered me on.

At the end of the road, low tide, more brightness.

I spent the rest of the morning on phone calls, putting away laundry, and gathering together anvils, hammers, wire, and beads for my visit to the Ashley Bryan School. Shira Singer, friend and art teacher had asked if I would come in to help with a wire working  project among the older students. I had a fun time and I hope the kids did too. It was pretty sweet to hear the sound of three hammers on anvils flattening coiled copper wire. It sounded like a jewelry studio!

Yay Shira! Thanks for wearing one of my beach rock necklaces!

I ended the afternoon with my friend Cindy and a trip to the Sand Beach around 3:30.  Time for the March dip! The air temperature had dropped to 65° but the water was a balmy 41°.

Same bright sun on the afternoon side of the island.

I ended the day with a little lobster wrestling.

Does this guy look like he wants to use his claws on me or what?!



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7 responses to “Spring, day 2

  1. Great photos, Barb! Thanks for coming into school today. It was great to have you in the classroom! :)


  2. holly

    what a GREAT day!


  3. Such lovely landscape you have to see! And I think what you shared with those kids is priceless!


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