Hammered copper round 2…

…at the Ashley Bryan School. On Wednesday I went back for the follow up art class to work with the older students  (grades 4 through 8) to finish the pendants and charm necklaces they started 2 weeks ago. Before we got back to work I showed them an article I found, in a past Ornament magazine, about the American sculptor Alexander Calder .

The students gave a very satisfying “Ahhhh” of recognition between Calder’s pieces and the hammered wire spirals and wire wrapped pieces they were making. Technique and art appreciation rolled into one afternoon. Yes!

Everyone was happy with their work. You can’t ask for much more than that!

My participation in the class was the result of a request from Meg, one of the two 8th grade students. Thank you for asking, Meg. I had a really great time!

One of Meg’s finished pieces:

Instead of saying “cheese!” I asked the students to say…”Alexander Calder!”

Halfway through the afternoon, the older students switched rooms with the younger group, who had been in music class. These specials take place every Wednesday afternoon at the Ashley Bryan School on Islesford. This time I stayed to do a beaded elastic bracelet project with the younger students. (grades K through 3)

Serious workers! And beautiful results!

Our two-room island elementary school is the same school my husband attended as a child, and his father attended as a child. Our sons, now age 29, attended this school as well.  It is a pretty special school in a pretty special place. I never take living here for granted.


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14 responses to “Hammered copper round 2…

  1. These are lucky kids! Such a great opportunity for them, and I can tell you had fun too. :)


  2. holly kellogg

    what a wonderful day!


  3. LeAnn

    That’s a beautiful way to spend an afternoon and a really wonderful way to connect with your families tradition and contribute to your community. I am so happy you have this opportunity to share your are with this young people. I am especially happy to here that art programs are alive and well in their small school!


  4. Special school, special island, special blogger! I’m certain your lesson will longer long in the students’ memories.


    • Barb Fernald

      The two oldest students (8th grade) are going to NYC with their teachers for a few days at the end of the month. The teachers wrote a grant for the trip and they have a place to stay for free. If they go to MMoA, they might remember Alexander Calder….


  5. crnbrycst

    What a great project. Beautiful jewelry and children…and teachers!! Kudos Barb!


  6. sabrjet

    I love the spirals. I once saw what had been the pin to a clasp for a cloak. It was not quite 4″ long, was straight for about 3″, then spirals to either side. Dated back I think to the 5th or 6th c, and was one of only a few to exist in England. The circular part of the clasp wasn’t there. It was on display at an archaeological site where it had just been found that summer; cd have gone to a museum, I suppose. I’d love to see it again, but I don’t know how I’d track it down….


  7. That is quite a history your family has with the school. Those types of things aren’t as common these days with people moving all over everywhere. Something to be proud of. Great photos of the class as well. Have a nice weekend!


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