Necklaces for West Gardiner

Where can you pull off an interstate highway, get gas for your car, get something to eat, make a comfort stop, AND shop in an amazing gallery of fine crafts?

The service plaza in West Gardiner, Maine of course. It’s where I 295, I 95, and the Maine Turnpike converge. You can be going south or going north and it’s still easily accessible from the highway. Just inside the building, among the usual suspects in the food court, is the Center for Maine Craft featuring juried work from many members of the Maine Crafts Association.

I’ve had some of my jewelry there since the beginning of May and I’m happy to say they need more necklaces. These are from the batch I mailed out today:

All 7 of the flame worked beads below are by Susan Kennedy of SueBeads.

I wondered when I would get around to using these translucent polymer clay discs that I made while fooling around in April with my friend Holly. They just seemed to fit right in with the recycled Indonesian glass and the English sea glass. Old, new, and renewed; linked together by their matte finishes.


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10 responses to “Necklaces for West Gardiner

  1. How is this for pleasant irony… We are going to be driving RIGHT BY there tomorrow on our way from Syracuse to Mt. Desert Island! Do you have your work anywhere on the island too?


    • Barb Fernald

      Cool! I have work at Alone Moose Gallery on West Street in Bar Harbor. (That’s the street that runs next to the water. Big new hotel just went up over the winter)
      More coincidence – I grew up in Rochester, so I remember that drive well. Have a safe trip! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous into next week.


      • lcooz

        Yay! I know where that is! Russ d’allessio has his new studio there, near mason gallery – another fave!


  2. lcooz

    I think WordPress may have booted me while logging in… But… We are going to be driving right past there tomorrow on our way to Mt Desert Island! We will stop in and see your jewelry. Do you have your work in any other galleries on the island?


  3. These are so gorgeous! I love your work!


  4. I agree – these necklaces are gorgeous! The sea glass is particularly beautiful – and I love anything with Sue Kennedy’s beads! Congrats on your sales!


  5. WOW. those are beautiful and i’m glad the spirit of our time together goes with this batch! and also, i’m glad they need MORE!!!!


    • Barb Fernald

      Yeah, who knew? A highway rest stop?! Actually it’s a really nice little gallery. I love using the pieces we made. Once I get the next batch of jewelry (made and) in place at Winter’s Work on Wednesday, and get back from the wedding in Vermont next weekend, I’m bringing out the translucent polymer clay!
      ….and the silver clay….and the copper clay….and the rocks and diamond drill bits…..


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