Captain and Grover

Working away to get the next batch of jewelry ready for the opening of Winters Work on Wednesday. Meanwhile, here’s a mini sequence from Times Square:


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8 responses to “Captain and Grover

  1. Seeing the face behind the Elmo costume feels a little like seeing the man behind the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. Great shot!


  2. Pinkunderbelly: That is *exactly* what I thought!


  3. Barbara- Can you share
    a bit about your history and artistic affinities with Grover?


  4. pssstttttt…elmo, not grover. and i agree with pinkunderbelly.
    i hope we see pics of the winters work pieces!


  5. Kathleen Lake

    Okay, Grover Schmover, Elmo Schmelmo; where’s Tenille?


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