Oooh la oui! Bead soup from B!

My “bead soup” package from  B.R. Kuhlman arrived last Friday. Woo hoo!!

I know, I know. That was a whole week ago and I am just getting around to blogging about it. What can I say?  Summer on this little island in Maine gets extremely busy overnight. We go from a population of about 70 people to a summer population that matches the number of participants in this Bead Soup Blog Party. (That’s 400 people if you are just tuning in to the BSBP.)

My partner B sent me an amazing package of goodies!

Among all of this beady goodness is not just one, but two of B’s  gorgeous wire-wrapped pendants. I have no experience in wire wrapping, so I am especially in awe of the talent and time it must take to produce these unique pieces.

The rest of the package includes crystal beads, Czech glass beads, and natural stones like the  smokey quartz briolettes you can see them in the middle of the top photo, just under the pendants. There are also beads of Chinese picture jasper and brecciated jasper. And…

below are some pretty golden pieces of mother-of-pearl:

These Czech glass beads have a sweet little color palette:

I love the organic shapes of these agate rondelles:

The fact that I just took these photos today means that I have not yet started on any of my Bead Soup pieces yet.  But, at the same time as I enjoyed a visit from my son and daughter-in-law, and have been catching up this week with my brother, and have had several dinner guests on several nights,  and finished writing a monthly newspaper column, I have been thinking about all the ways I might use these beads. The soup is simmering… heated by a big candle that is burning at both ends!


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8 responses to “Oooh la oui! Bead soup from B!

  1. First of all, the colors are simply gorgeous! But the fact that she gifted you with not one, but two AMAZING handmade focals is so sweet! Everything is just lovely!


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Patti. I know! It’s a really nice collection of beads and the focals are quite something. Now to figure out what to make…
      You will have fun with the things Lori sent. How many times have you done this before? This is my first.


  2. holly k

    That working waterfront article is GREAT!!! You are such an engaging writer!!!xoxo


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Holly! Bruce helped me with that one. We had a good time reminiscing about all of the stories we couldn’t tell!


  3. mixedmayhem

    Yay! I’m glad you liked the package. It was fun putting it together. I can’t wait to see what you make. :D


  4. crnbrycst

    What a great package of soup ingredients. Can’t wait to see what you mix up!


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