Quick rivets

using commercial headpins.




Some of these earrings are headed to Winters Work  tomorrow (Friday), along with a few other pieces, when I meet my cousin Lisa for lunch at the Islesford Dock Restaurant.

Summer is starting to wind down….


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3 responses to “Quick rivets

  1. Susan Kennedy

    Ok, how do you finish rivets? I have no idea!


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Sue, Thanks! Rather than go into all of it here, I looked up a good YouTube video of the process. This woman does a good job of explaining how to do it. (I don’t know why she is wearing the dorky hat…) I had read and heard people describe how to rivet, but it took me years to get around to trying it. It’s pretty simple. Most important is to have the hole and the wire be a good fit. If the hole is too big, and the wire too loose, it won’t work.

      Now…. go rivet something!!


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