A weird thing happens…

…when I neglect my blog. The longer I go without posting something, the harder it is to think I have something to post. I start second guessing anything I might want to say, or any photos I might want to post and then more time goes by. I get out of practice. Then I feel like I should justify how I spent my time in the last month when I didn’t blog. Sheesh. I am my own worst critic.

Life on this tiny island in Maine is crazy busy in May and June as we get ready for the summer rush of business, activities, friends, and family. I’ve been working in the studio, getting jewelry into galleries, weeding the perennial garden, planting some vegetables, spending time with my Mom, painting the bathroom, taking a two-day trip to NYC, and catching up with friends who have arrived for the summer. Who knows where the time goes. It just does. So, I’m jumping back into the blog pool and letting go of why I did or didn’t do it for over a month.

Part of my process in making jewelry is to make up a batch of components to mix and match in earring and necklace designs. I cut, hammered, and tumbled some brass discs to get them ready for applying patina. I also soldered some 14 gauge  (it might be 16)  copper wire rings and hammered them flat.



Next I applied some patina solutions.

IMGP4486 IMGP4485


When they are sanded, sealed with lacquer, and finished with a preservation wax, they will be ready to use in earring designs like the one below.



So that’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to.  And, I’ve missed telling you about it.


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10 responses to “A weird thing happens…

  1. Wow-you achieve such beautiful colors! Adding patina to my metal work is on my never-ending list of “must try this”! I agree with “the blog”…it’s hard for me, too!


    • I use Shannon LeVart’s patinas and her book. (check her Etsy shop under the name MissFicklemedia.) I also use a little butane torch for the heat. It takes a day or two for the patinas to fully develop. Then they have to be sealed, etc. Since the whole process takes a few days, I end up putting it off because it takes too long. Then even more time has gone by before I get to it. Cuckoo!


  2. Lovely colors! Good to hear from you again!


  3. Good news, Barb; your blog posts are always interesting. Those of us who don’t live on an island or take ferries to and fro find your whole life interesting. I *always* look forward to your updates and lovely jewelry. :)


  4. holly

    your blog= perfect way to start my day!


  5. I’ve missed hearing about it! I’m the same way — the longer I go without blogging, the harder it is to start up again, and I feel like I have nothing to say. So glad I’m not the only one! Looking forward to hearing more about summer on your little island.


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