What a great way to end a hot day…

…spending 3:30 to 5 p.m. at the Islesford Sand Beach. Water temperature about 57°. Ahhh…. I sure feel fortunate to live here.

IMGP4849 IMGP4844 IMGP4845 IMGP4846 IMGP4852


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5 responses to “What a great way to end a hot day…

  1. holly

    LOVELY! sure hope i get a chance to dip my toesies in at sand beach later this summer!


  2. Looks beautiful! Sure do miss it….


  3. I am jealous! The air temperature in Northern Virginia right now is 95 degrees with acrid humidity! Enjoy!


  4. So pretty! Although 57 is pretty chilly! I’m hoping the water at Salisbury Beach is a bit warmer next week!


    • Ha. It will be a LOT warmer. You have a much warmer part of the Gulf Stream flowing by there. Have a wonderful time!
      I hope you post what you’re reading. I read “The Light Between the Oceans” last year on your recommendation. It was one of my favorites.


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