One of three

I am one of three jewelers I know whose mothers have a birthday on July 22.  I’m not sure if that’s auspicious or not, but I would bet that all of our mothers are well accessorized. Happy Birthday Mom!

Before stopping at my Mom’s in Bar Harbor to prepare a lunch of popovers and cold melon gazpacho with lobster, I took an early morning drive to Bangor to check in on my neighbor Kaitlyn and her 4 week old son Bode,   (pronounced Bo´dee) who is one of three of Islesford’s newest citizens.

Bode and I planned and plotted his escape from Eastern Maine Medical Center and it looks like he can pull off this caper on Thursday.  (Can’t you see those gears turning? )

IMGP4950 IMGP4952 IMGP4955 IMGP4959

Don’t worry Bode….you can bring your favorite girl with you, of course.


Can’t wait to have Bode and his parents back in the hood.


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8 responses to “One of three

  1. Robin Smith

    Thanks for those pictures of Bode and his mom. I know they have been through a lot and now it’s time for them to enjoy summer on the island.


  2. Happy belated birthday to your Mom! And, that is the sweetest smile on that handsome little man…almost as sweet as the smile he brings to his Mama’s face! Best of luck to the family!!


  3. Cory

    It’s nice to see he finally decided to get dressed. He’s been hanging out in his skivvies all week.


  4. Wonderful pictures Barb and belateds to your mom!


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