34 years ago today…

IMGP5024 IMGP5025 IMGP5015 IMGP5014 IMGP5018 IMGP5017 IMGP5016 IMGP5019 IMGP5023 IMGP5021


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14 responses to “34 years ago today…

  1. holly

    i LOVE these pics…


  2. Happy, Happy Anniversary! Here’s to 34 more!


  3. Angi Mullis


    Angi Mullis dj2isme@aol.com


  4. Cathy & Tim

    Happy Anniversary to you both. It appears that marrying on that beautiful yard bods well for the marriage.


  5. Mae Bright

    Man, that is the cutest flower girl in history!! Too bad you don’t have a picture of her hitting the Michelob at the end of the party ;) Huge congrats to you and Bruce!!


  6. Ted

    Proof Warren could wear a tie if he had to. I think that was the last time, though. The one he’s wearing in the photo is the same one he gave to me the following January so I could get married (Jeri insisted on green). He made me promise not to give it back.


    • What?! I never knew you wore Warren’s tie at your wedding. I think it was the only time I’d ever seen him wear a tie too. It must have been a lucky tie since Bruce and I and you and Jeri have been happily married for so long!


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