Up dark and early



The thumbnail of a moon was striking as I loaded my goods onto the 6:30 boat. I’m headed to Rye to see my friend Susie and for show number 1 at the home of Val and Cliff Storms in Greenwich, Connecticut. If you are in the area it would be great to have you stop by!

2013 trunk show GreenwichAs I left the island the sky got brighter, but the boat trip is too early to watch the sunrise. As my friend Kate (on her way to her high school teaching job)  said, “This is the best part of the sunrise anyway!”

IMGP5651Bye bye my little island home. I’ll be back in 10 days.

IMGP5662Passing by Bear Island.                The jet contrail in the sunrise looked like a neon comet.



It was a cold boat ride, but well worth standing outside of the cabin to watch the sky. When we got to our cars there was frost to scrape. Temperature 28°. It was cold enough that there was vapor coming off the water.



My trip begins with a stop at Stanley Subaru for an oil change. “By the way Mrs. Fernald, your car is overdue for inspection.” Also, I almost forgot to reregister, so the next stop is the Motor Vehicle office in Ellsworth. Eventually I’ll be on the road.  Who knows, maybe I’ll have time to blog again while I’m there……

I’m looking forward to seeing costumes throughout my trip today as people celebrate Halloween. I’m prepared with Groucho glasses if I need them.

Oh. Show number 1? Does that mean there is a show number 2? Yes indeed. Next week in Baltimore. C’mon over to Robin and Stephanie’s house on Wednesday if you live in the Baltimore area!

Baltimore Trunk Show 2013





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6 responses to “Up dark and early

  1. Beautiful pictures from the boat Barb! Enjoy your trip and especially your visit with Robin and Stephanie. I love all your new jewelry and hope you do well with your shows :)


  2. Wow – the first shot is almost purple! Beautiful pictures!! I wish you the best of luck at both of your shows!!!


  3. Zsash

    Loved the neon jet trail! Great photos, thanks for sharing. Have fun and I’m sure you’ll sell a bunch – I’d by one of each!


  4. Susan White

    Happy Boo day! Safe travels and good sales! xo


  5. I always enjoy your beautiful photos and these were a special treat. Thanks so much for sharing them!

    Have a wonderful, safe trip and have fun at your shows. I’m sure you’ll do quite well.


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