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When a rushed photo is better than no photo

On Friday, I was looking for something to combine with the weathered strong blue of the copper beads I patinated last week. I remembered seeing a length of silver-washed copper chain stashed away in my studio. It was from an impulse purchase at Beadin’ Path several years ago.

The links are quite thin, but the color and texture were just what I was looking for. I found a way to make the pieces work for me by separating them and combining them with glass beads, pearls, and the patinated copper.

I finished the necklace, and took some hasty photographs. The wind was blowing, and the sun was low in the trees, so the light was intermittently bright. I did not bother trying to filter out shadows. I was in a hurry  to see friends who had just arrived on the island for the weekend. I wore the new necklace…

…and then my friends bought it!

I’m glad I bothered to take a few photographs before I rushed out the door. The lighting may not be great, but I have a record of a jewelry design I really liked.


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Pod beads hang out together

The center bead is fine silver metal clay, made from a mold taken from a goldenrod stem gall. I call it my pod bead. As I was trying to decide which of my other beads to include in the necklace, Sue Kennedy posted some dark glass pod beads on her blog. I went to her Etsy site and snapped them up right away. I knew they would be the perfect match for my pod bead.

I love finding beads made by other artists to combine with my own. I am drawn to the work of others who like making      beads as much as I do. I made all the silver PMC beads in this necklace. Two are made from molds taken from beach rocks, and four of them are the drape beads I learned to make in Fred Woell’s workshop. The clasp is one I made a while ago for another necklace. The bunch berry leaves I used in the clasp will be coming up again soon, now that it’s spring.

The freshwater coin pearls were just the right color match for Sue’s beads. I’m happy with how everything came together. I wish the sun had been out today for better photos. (I wish the sun would just come back out period.)  I was in an hurry anyway as I took the photos late in the day. I didn’t get everything done today, but I am satisfied with what I accomplished. Clean fridge, sourdough bread made, clean closet, organized dresser, tidied up studio, suitcase packed, and now daily blog post finished!


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The raku match up

A while back I started a batch of fine silver PMC beads to pair with green raku beads made by Keith O’Connor that I picked up at the Beadin’ Path in Freeport in January.

My PMC beads, fired and tumbled…

liver of sulphur patina added…

final polish after patina…

I alternated the silver and raku beads in a symmetrical necklace, about 18″ long.

I had only three of Keith’s beads remaining, which made me stretch to come up with a way to use them. I didn’t want to make earrings and end up with a solo bead that had no place to go. So I looked for beads to combine to make an asymmetrical necklace.  I think I ended up with an interesting combination. This kind of necklace takes me much longer to make, but I always have a blast doing it.



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Special order

I’m finally getting around to finishing some work I promised a while ago. I love making beads with different designs on each side. They give me a chance to put together a necklace that can be worn two different ways. I textured the beads using silicone molds made from local objects. (On Islesford it doesn’t get much more local than rocks and cedar.)



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