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New sea glass pieces in necklace

Mixing Keith O’Connor‘s raku beads with my own silver beads, I finally figured out what I wanted to do for my first necklace using some pieces of English sea glass that I spent the last few days drilling.

The whole time I was drilling I imagined combining these greens with freshwater pearls. I strung and restrung a series of combinations, but nothing seemed right. Surprisingly, a necklace of all sea glass seemed too “blah” this afternoon. I ended up going back to my asymmetric comfort zone, and included some of the ceramic beads I’ve had on hand.

I just love this sea glass and can’t wait to drill more and come up with more designs. I know I’ll find a way to use the pearls with it; today just wasn’t the day.



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The raku match up

A while back I started a batch of fine silver PMC beads to pair with green raku beads made by Keith O’Connor that I picked up at the Beadin’ Path in Freeport in January.

My PMC beads, fired and tumbled…

liver of sulphur patina added…

final polish after patina…

I alternated the silver and raku beads in a symmetrical necklace, about 18″ long.

I had only three of Keith’s beads remaining, which made me stretch to come up with a way to use them. I didn’t want to make earrings and end up with a solo bead that had no place to go. So I looked for beads to combine to make an asymmetrical necklace.  I think I ended up with an interesting combination. This kind of necklace takes me much longer to make, but I always have a blast doing it.



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