New sea glass pieces in necklace

Mixing Keith O’Connor‘s raku beads with my own silver beads, I finally figured out what I wanted to do for my first necklace using some pieces of English sea glass that I spent the last few days drilling.

The whole time I was drilling I imagined combining these greens with freshwater pearls. I strung and restrung a series of combinations, but nothing seemed right. Surprisingly, a necklace of all sea glass seemed too “blah” this afternoon. I ended up going back to my asymmetric comfort zone, and included some of the ceramic beads I’ve had on hand.

I just love this sea glass and can’t wait to drill more and come up with more designs. I know I’ll find a way to use the pearls with it; today just wasn’t the day.



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24 responses to “New sea glass pieces in necklace

  1. holly

    really beautiful……


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks my good friend. I just got some more alcohol ink and more translucent Pardo. Ideas are bouncing around my head giving me the A.D.D.!


  2. Jonatha

    Beautiful And I love your asymmetric comfort zone!


  3. cathy

    Oh, so beautiful and the combination of silver (PMC) beads. raku beads, and sea glass is eyepopping.


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks so much Cathy. I love finally finding the combinations that work out together. They are never the first combinations I imagined.


  4. Beautiful!

    Isn’t it funny how you have an idea in your head, and it looks great in there but when you get it out in the open, it doesn’t work. I just love the way it finally came out!


  5. Lisa Mossel Vietze

    What a gorgeous piece! A jaw dropping, show stopper! Wowza!


  6. Beautiful. I might have to have one like this.


  7. Oh, Barb! This is so pretty! The colors are so beautiful, the arrangement is so unique. I absolutely love the little starfish bead. Nicely done.


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Nancy. You saw it too. I picked up a few of those starfish beads at the bead shop, just thinking I would combine them someday with some beach rocks in a necklace. It was fun to have a green one to go with this glass.


  8. Hi Barb, This necklace is a total show stopper. So beautiful and so unique. I’m not always fond of asymmetry because it can make me uncomfortable (don’t know why) . But this is way within my comfort zone. It’s so serene and lovely. Congratulations! Awesome work!


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