Big doings on Little Cranberry

The competitors:

The big cheese car was my favorite!

Rick Alley, official starter.

Melissa Amuso, official score keeper:

Rick Gaither and Bruce Fernald, finish line judges:

An instant replay was needed to determine the final race!

Good times at the Islesford Neighborhood House on a snowy Saturday. Thanks to the Amuso family and Rob Benson’s Boy Scout Troup for a fun event!



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12 responses to “Big doings on Little Cranberry

  1. Thanks for all the pics, Barb! Looks like a great event! Lots of smiles!


  2. Oh you guys are too funny! What a riot! I love the cheese one as well!


  3. Susan White

    What a great fun event! Thanks for the pics. xoS


  4. I remember when my brother made his car back in 1978 or so . . . great memories!


  5. cathy

    Your photos remind me of many of Peter Cunningham’s who loves Grand Manan and lives there much of his time and records faces, events, and scenes of island life. Great photos of children and the proud adults behind them in your photosl


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