The raku match up

A while back I started a batch of fine silver PMC beads to pair with green raku beads made by Keith O’Connor that I picked up at the Beadin’ Path in Freeport in January.

My PMC beads, fired and tumbled…

liver of sulphur patina added…

final polish after patina…

I alternated the silver and raku beads in a symmetrical necklace, about 18″ long.

I had only three of Keith’s beads remaining, which made me stretch to come up with a way to use them. I didn’t want to make earrings and end up with a solo bead that had no place to go. So I looked for beads to combine to make an asymmetrical necklace.  I think I ended up with an interesting combination. This kind of necklace takes me much longer to make, but I always have a blast doing it.



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8 responses to “The raku match up

  1. Cathy

    Both of your designs are just beautiful.


  2. Wow they are both great, but those beads you made are just fantastic!


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks, Sue. I just love making beads with PMC, but OMG!!! The price keeps going up and up. If I’d known I would have borrowed some money and bought a large stash last December…when I thought the cost then was almost prohibitive. Oh well, what goes up must come down….I hope!


  3. you are the queen of asymmetrical loveliness.
    and your toggle clasps knock my socks off!
    how long is that asymmetrical necklace?


    • Barb Fernald

      Ah..and you are the queen of my wonderful creative friends! The asymmetrical necklace is just a pinch over 18″. Thanks for the toggle clasp feedback. I want to make more of them but I can’t believe silver keeps going up. Today that little 28 gram pkg of PMC costs $57.27! I remember thinking that price was high for a 45 gram pkg. Marly and Angie have been working with Hadar’s white bronze, which has a lovely color. I should just bite the bullet and order some and go back to the base metal learning curve.


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