a nod to e.e. cummings…

…from my cousin Will Luke.  Will’s mother, Lisa, and I are first cousins, making Will a first cousin once-removed. At a family dinner, one summer, another first cousin of mine (actually she is my father’s first cousin, making us also first cousins once-removed) helped me to finally get straight all the first cousin, second cousin, once or twice removed details. It’s one of those random things I’m glad I know.

Lucky me, I get to see all of my cousins on my father’s side of the family because we share a summer house on Islesford.  Sooner or later they all come to the island to spend some time in one of our favorite places on earth. (Lucky me again. I am the only one of us who figured out how to come to the island to stay for the rest of my life.)

Where does old e.e. figure in to this? Will, a 7th grade student in New Jersey, was studying poetry in his English class. Their recent assignment was to write a poem in the style of  e.e. cumming’s poem, “in Just-.” The students had to pick a season, other than spring, and write their own similar poem.

Will chose to write about summer, and Islesford. I was so surprised and happy that my cousin Lisa thought to e-mail Will’s homework to me last night. I just loved it!  Here it is for you, reprinted with the author’s permission.

in Just

by W. T. Luke

in Just

summer      when the air is mosquito

licsious the little

annoying seagulls

caw        far       and close


and nedanddan come

jogging from football

and slingshotting

and it’s



when the world is relaxation-wonderful

the annoying

old seagulls caw

far and close


and barbandbruce come laughing

from fishing and jewelry-making and






seagulls         caw




Summer 2011





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10 responses to “a nod to e.e. cummings…

  1. i LOVE ee cummings! and that poem is teary-eyed beautiful! is the photo the front porch of the family house?


    • Barb Fernald

      I know. Wasn’t it a fun poem? I like the thought that in August Bruce and I come laughing from our jobs!
      That is the view from the front porch of the family house. That is where Robin and Stephanie will get married in September. It’s also where Bruce and I got married. We can all stay there when you and the family come up. Summer 2012 baby!!


  2. Beautiful poem, beautiful porch, beautiful view! We’re getting SO excited to be able to experience the flapping seagulls cawing far and close and to see Bruce and Barb come laughing from fishing and jewelry making!!!! I think we’ll be doing some laughing too, eh? Can hardly wait!!!


  3. I know the ee cummings poem and he did a fantastic job following its style and making it his own. Lovely!


  4. Barb Fernald

    Carla, I agree! It seems like he must have had fun with the assignment.


  5. crnbrycst

    What a beautiful job he did. Thanks for sharing all the beauty!


  6. Very nice! He has a talent!


  7. Great poem. I love the mosquito liciousness & image of you & Bruce laughing. You’ve clearly created some great memories for that lucky boy.
    Been thinking of you sample different sourdoughs in San Francisco. Trevor says thanks to you carrying a tennis ball in your pocket for me, I’m on this trip and sampling the bread!


    • Barb Fernald

      Your trip to Napa sounds like a dream. It must feel so incredible for you and Trevor to finally get away and do something “normal.” How’s that S.F. sourdough? My pocket-held tennis ball was only a tiny piece of all the good energy you had coming your way, wishing you back to health!
      The funny thing about my cousin’s poem, I didn’t think I was doing anything to help create memories for him. You never know…


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