Something new

Bronzclay was introduced to the public at the PMC Guild Conference at Purdue in July 2008. I’ve been wanting to try it ever since, but my 11 year old kiln was not able to be programmed for the necessary changes in temperature to fire the clay.  Scrap silver to the rescue! I collected  several years worth of silver scraps from around my studio, threw in some of my early PMC “dogs” that I never care to see again, and sent them off to Rio Grande to be refined. All 114 ounces.  I received 75% of the value in credit at Rio Grande and had more than enough to buy a new kiln. Today I entered the world of Bronzclay.

imgp0219  imgp0220

Tomorrow I’ll try out the new kiln.


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2 responses to “Something new

  1. Susan

    Can’t wait to see the results


  2. holly

    WOW! that’s a lotta pieces! i don’t know if you know, but the activated carbon makes better colors after the 4th or 5th firing….maybe you could fire in batches, rather than all at once…CONGRATS about the new kiln, too!


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