This morning I got up early…

…to catch the 6:30 boat to the mainland, which left the island just before the sun was up.

Had we entered Northeast Harbor two minutes sooner we wouldn’t have seen it peek over the horizon.

It was colder in N.E. than on the island; the first time this fall I’ve had to scrape frost from the windshield. (It took a few minutes to find the scraper from wherever I tossed it last spring.) I was thinking how I was not quite ready for this yet when I was totally distracted by the mist (provided by the same cold temperature I was lamenting) on upper Hadlock Pond as I drove by. My appointment in Bar Harbor was not until 8 a.m. so I actually had time to turn around and pull off the road to watch the sun light the top of Parkman Mountain.

The 20 minute drive just got better and better.

Frost schmost. How many people get to drive through the beauty of a national park on the way to their annual mammogram?! In contrast, the wind is starting to pick up tonight, and tomorrow it will be blowing 40 knots with gusts up to 50, and driving rain.  There is talk of canceling the (ferry) boats coming out to the island and of the power going out. I probably won’t be getting up early…


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4 responses to “This morning I got up early…

  1. wooooooooow……..
    that’s a lovely way to start my day…..hundreds of miles and 24 hours away……


  2. Susan

    Beautiful pictures Barb


    • fernald244

      Hi Susan, I hope you are settling in okay. You got out before the big storm. They didn’t run ANY boats today! No mail. But we did not lose power. Just a few blips. All is okay.


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