Would someone please take this fall OFF fast forward!

Where the heck is all this time going? Life is moving way too fast! How is it possible that I have not posted something new in 10 days? October is almost over and my head still thinks it is September. Sheesh!

I’ve been super busy in the studio working on inventory for the upcoming trunk show at my friend Val’s house on November 13. (Clicking the “trunk show” link will take you to a tiny image of a PDF file. Click on that and you will have a  poster/flyer in your face.  Sorry for the way this is formatted. I’m too busy to figure out how to make it appear in a more direct way!)


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2 responses to “Would someone please take this fall OFF fast forward!

  1. holly kellogg

    you and me both! what i wouldn’t give for a bit of boredom! can’t wait to see some pictures of what you’re working on!
    don’t know how long you’ll be in the area, but i’d love to see you that weekend! if you travel via 84 maybe you can stop by or even a hello at val’s would be reat!


    • fernald244

      Oh Holly, I hope I get to see you. We have a small box in the front hall with some rocks for you. Every time our afternoon walk takes us to Bunker’s Cove, I say, “Look for some striped rocks for Holly.” Bruce even does it now. I’ll bring them with me, but in a box I could mail in case you don’t get to Val’s. The timing of the weekend is a little cuckoo. I’ll e-mail you about it. xoxo


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