A slice of island life

On Sunday, I took a break from the studio to walk down the road to watch as friends helped raise a wall for Lindsay Eysnogle and Jason Pickering. They are building their timber peg home from island trees they have milled themselves. It was pretty exciting to watch the progress on a snappy clear day in October.


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10 responses to “A slice of island life

  1. oh my goodness…a real house raising. incredibly cool. makes the several loads of laundry i did this weekend look pretty paltry on the scale of “what can be accomplished on a sunday”!
    i see that there are google ads on your post, up there….did you invite them in?


  2. Susan White



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  4. Ashley Stapelman

    Great blog, great people and great island! i miss it so much!


    • Barb Fernald

      Hey Ashley, How’s married life in Colorado? Are you coming to the island for Christmas? I miss seeing your mom around. She’s recovering so well from the knee surgery. Of course the only two days she was on the island in November we went for our dip of the month. She said, “I can get in the water, but you guys are going to have to help me stand up again!” What a trooper. I think we have really made it our life sport. 8 years an counting….Bruce and I are going to Portland for Christmas at Fritz and Meg’s. Robin will fly in from Baltimore. With Christmas on a Saturday, no one is getting enough time off to get to the island.


      • Ashley Stapelman

        Hi Barb, I didn’t know you had responded! Sorry for the delay in response! Married life is good, busy with school and the new pup. I wish I could have made it out for christmas, I hope I can at least spend time out there this summer (without any wedding planning!!!). Mom was here not too long ago and she is doing pretty good for just getting a new knee. I can’t say I am sorry I missed the dip- WAY too cold for me!!


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