Photography slows me down

It would be nice to have my own personal photographer to take 5 really good photos of each piece of jewelry I want to put up on Etsy. Yes, one of my resolutions is to have professional photos taken of my work, and I will do it for some specific pieces, but the cost just not feasible for all of the  jewelry I have ready to list. The answer is to continue doing it myself; knowing that I am moving along, albeit slowly, on the learning curve of digital photography. (I would rather spend my time making jewelry!)  Today, I dedicated some time to taking lots of images, so I could dedicate more time to editing and cropping them and then resizing them for Etsy. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but the more I do, the more I’ll learn, and I might actually start to get it done more quickly. And maybe I’ll even get to like it.


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4 responses to “Photography slows me down

  1. Louis

    Photos are great, they show your work clearly and look great for Etsy! Only thing to spruce it up that I would suggest is to shoot them outside, maybe hanging from a tree branch, on the ground, etc — adding interesting backgrounds/backdrops always makes an image even more interesting so long as the focus is still on your creation.


  2. I hear you. it takes as much time for me to document and photo all my pieces, as it takes to make them, if not more. and if I don’t do it right away it takes twice as long as i figure out what the cost was, etc. It’s especially frustrating when I am on a roll with a group of pieces. But your photos do look good.

    I keep mine really simple, no fancy backgrounds, to save time. I’m very familiar with the lighting with my standard setup So I don’t have to do a lot of photos. But it does get boring.

    I really enjoy all your posts. It brings back fond memories of my short time on Little Cranberry.


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Anita,
      Happy New Year! Once I have my photos downloaded, I actually get in to cropping them and editing them. It’s just the set up for photography that feels so daunting. I don’t have any place to leave things set up all the time. That would make it easier, but I don’t have the space.
      I’ll just have to suck it up and learn to enjoy it!
      Little Cranberry is still an incredibly special place.


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