A little extra time….

…is what I got from going to Plan B for our trip. It is snowing, and snowing hard. I was all packed and ready to leave on the 8:15 boat, but reports were that the roads were not good. So, my next choice, and the one I am taking is to leave on the 11:30 boat. Which is also the last boat off the island today. Because of the snow. And the wind. But ma belle-soeur and I will drive slowly, take it easy, and be glad we waited a little bit for the roads to be plowed and sanded before heading south.

I used the three extra hours to catch up on e-mail, waste time on FaceBook, and add three pairs of earrings to my Etsy shop. I don’t know what gets into me when I start writing those descriptions, but by the last one, my kooky alter-ego seems to have taken over for sure. I’ll check later and wonder, “Who wrote that?”

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  1. drive carefully!
    have a wonderful time…i’m heading up to MA this evening to ease the loneliness of ma belle maman for a day…also, to take a look at the bruising on legs and back and bump on her head that she acquired during a fall-down-the-icy-steps yesterday….what can ya do, eh?!


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