Another day off island

March, lionesque, on the morning boat ride. Northwest winds 35 knots. (For landlubbers that’s about 40 mph) Enough to provide a choppy ride between Islesford and Great Cranberry.

The sun was strong, though not warm enough, first thing this morning, to make the walk to the Northeast Harbor parking lot anything but treacherous.

By 3:30 p.m. the wind had dropped out, providing calm seas for the ride home.

With the off-island day behind me, quality time spent with my mom, I am psyched to be planning to spend the whole day in my studio tomorrow. Bruce leaves at 6:30 a.m., for the Maine Fishermen’s Forum. He’ll be away for a few days which means I have only my own schedule to consider; a time I look forward to every March. I might just decide to work through dinner and eat Cheerios before I go to bed.



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8 responses to “Another day off island

  1. LeAnn

    Goodness, look at that ice and snow. My husband is away for a couple of days. While it’s a bit empty, I’ve enjoyed a day of uninterupted studio time and no worries other than feeding the dogs. I had Honey Bunches of Oats for supper :-)


  2. i’ll have a husband gone for a couple days this weekend…the 2 kids under 12 will most likely get in the way of uninterrupted studio time for me! maybe i can farm them out….oh yeah, saturday is my school’s almost-all-day art show….forget it! i’ll spend the rest of the time napping!


    • Barb Fernald

      Bad timing! Good luck with the art show. You have lucky students!
      (And very lucky kids who have you for a mom.) See you soon my friend. xoxo


  3. crnbrycst

    Man, that walk looks treacherous. I worry about Barbara Stainton negotiaitng that..and everyone else too!
    Enjoy your Vaca. Chrs is at the “Loaf” for 2 days. I have homemade soup and Malcolm brought a huge loaf of sour dough bread form Scratch Bakery and some Harissa rubbed ribs from Cleonice, so I’ll be skipping the cereal tonight. Maybe tomorrow night…..


    • Barb Fernald

      You scored on dinner tonight!! I ate leftover lasagna for lunch so I’ll be really ready for cereal. Maybe I’ll even splurge and have oatmeal, ha ha.
      I’ve never seen that parking lot so icy. Next time I’ll wear my grippers.
      Hey, check the sky for northern lights tonight. I heard there’s a good possibility!


      • crnbrycst

        Thanks for the heads up..I’ll check it out! Speaking of oatmeal, I made it in the slow cooker last week…yum! Just have to add enough water…more than any recipe tells you. My mom used to cook it all night in a double boiler. So much creamier. Hey, McDonald’s actually has delicious oat meal now! Chris sometimes brings it after has coffee w/the gray hairs.


      • Barb Fernald

        No lights yet. 11:45 and I’m off to bed.
        McDonald’s serves coffee with gray hair in it??!!


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