Another slump bead day

I spent most of my time in the studio, today, trying out more ideas with the slump beads, working in a little larger size.

I wanted to do what I was able to do with the smaller slump beads. That is, to get the heat of the cup warmer  to expand the second half of the bead as it dried. I tried it with three of the larger size beads, but it didn’t work. I still think the beads will look great, but I was going for a puffy little tummy like on the smaller bead below.


Meanwhile, the bead levitation experiment totally worked!



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4 responses to “Another slump bead day

  1. LeAnn

    Gosh I love that puffy tummy bead. And what skill you have with bead levitation :-)


  2. holly kellogg

    you’ve got me stumped with the levitation! i love the puffys…how many cards thick are those sheets?


    • Barb Fernald

      hint: think of the surface we worked on at Celie’s.
      The puffy beads are 3 cards thick, using the plastic slats (red?)
      This sounds like such a cryptic reply! We will have a whole new vocabulary soon….rods, mandrels, etc.


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