Out of the kiln…

…and into the tumbler.

I’m pretty happy with how the slump beads turned out. The fine silver PMC polishes up so nicely, that I’ll take these beads one step further by polishing them on the buffing wheel. I’ll most likely do the buffing on Friday since tomorrow is a day off island for me. I have my fingers crossed that the weather won’t be too bad and there will be a 5 p.m. boat back. (Crummy weather will mean coming home on the 3:30 boat, which does not leave enough time to see the matinee.) The movie at Reel Pizza tomorrow could be “Made in Dagenham” or “127 Hours.” (R.P doesn’t list the winter matinees on their web site.) I wouldn’t mind seeing either one, and I think Mom would go for either one, though we could probably get through the day without seeing someone cut their arm off!  Considering that the median age at this matinee is 70, they’ll probably show “Made in Dagenham.”

The wire that the beads are on is temporary. It makes them easier to fish out of the tumbler. Putting wire through beads before putting them in the tumbler will also keep that pesky steel shot from getting inside and turning the bead into a rattle.

The two beads below, without wire, had holes that I thought were too small for the steel shot to get in. Wrong! Two of these are now rattle beads.  I think I remember something about tumbling beads like this in water without steel shot to get the shot out from inside the bead. I can’t understand how that would work but it’s worth a try. (Okay. The obvious pun: It’s worth a shot.)



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11 responses to “Out of the kiln…

  1. gosh, those are GREAT!!!! so….just to clarify….you drape the clay over the wire forms and then when that’s dry, do you drape a new sheet over the draped form to get the other side? and i know i asked what thickness, but i don’t think i ever checked back….i really do love the ones that look like pierogies…i think i need a pierogie necklace to wear to my polish family get togethers!


  2. Barb Fernald

    Hey, we’re on the computer at the same time. Getting in synch for Rockland!!
    You got it. Draping the clay over the wire form allows it to dry quickly on the cup warmer and it doesn’t stick. Then I file the edges of the draped form so they are flat. Wet them, and drape the clay over those edges and trim it. Since I don’t use slip, I wet the edges so that I can still see water before I press the draped clay onto them. Wetting the edges with slip might give you more working time, but I find I don’t need it.
    I use 3 or 4 cards thick. Are you guys going to make the trip to Poland this summer?


    • in theory! we haven’t actually committed to anything yet….how’s the wedding planning going?
      thanks for that good info….i’m inspired to make “pierogies” tonight! have fun with mom today!
      just a couple weeks till rockland!


  3. Wow, Barb, fantastic beads!


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks, Susan. They are dancing in my head with your glass head pins. Someday, I’ll sit down and put everything together…..


  4. These are just beautiful!


  5. crnbrycst

    I love your “drape” beads. I think I just might have to get some of these in whatever form of jewelry they eventually take. You and they are amazing! xo


    • Barb Fernald

      I’ll get something put together before summer! For now, there is the W.W column due on Tuesday and Town Meeting on Monday. I haven’t even looked at the Town Report yet, have you? xox


  6. These look wonderful. Especially after your post on the price of silver!!! Good to have a splurge and make something stunning! I thought it was something about freezing them to get out the shot or maybe just a magnet???


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Ruth. I had saved up clay for Fred’s workshop, and then worked pretty sparingly with it. Silver was “down” to $34.94 yesterday. (You can expect it to keep going down because I sent some scraps into Rio Grande this week!)
      I’ll try the magnet trick. But first I’ll try tumbling the pieces in plain water.
      I’ll let you know!


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