Today felt like spring

It doesn’t warm up a lot here in March, but today the temperature was 50º and the sun was out. If only it would stay this way for the rest of the month. But March can be really fickle and so can April.  So, we try to stay in the day we’re in and enjoy it when it feels like this.

It was a good day to work with liver of sulphur on the back porch. (No stinky rotten egg smell inside.) I had plenty of silver beads waiting to be oxidized, sitting on this pretty little plate made by Kaitlyn Duggan. It was so bright on the back porch I had to move the beads into the shade to photograph them.

Yup. There is still some snow in our yard. Sometimes it seems to take forever to melt away from the shady areas. At least there is some green next to it.

I’ll finish the beads tomorrow. Buffing some on the wheel and hand finishing others. Then on to some long awaited necklace stringing. This morning I hand finished these post earrings, made from slump beads with a flat back.

At 2:30 my friend Cindy called. She had just finished work at the library. (We used to have the second smallest library in the state, with the most per capita circulation for a small town library. It may still be true. Cindy is a great librarian.) When she got in her car, it was so warm inside that she decided it was a good chance to take our March Dip of the Month, if I was up for it. And if I wasn’t up for it, maybe I could lifeguard for her? Of course I wanted to dip. The day was gorgeous and snow is predicted for next week.

Below is an “after dip” photo. We could never stand in the 39º water like this and then decide it was a good idea to dip. You have to run in and get horizontal before you even feel the water. It’s the only way to get into the Atlantic, in Maine, every month.

We are happy to be feeling the “spa effect” of a cold water dip. Once March is behind us, the water only starts to get warmer. Woo hoo!

As we walked back to the car, I found two St. Patrick’s Day gifts on the beach.

It was a really good day.


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6 responses to “Today felt like spring

  1. gosh, i love the look of all those beads together! sounds like yesterday was a great day for a dip! it’s supposed to be 70 here today!


  2. Barb Fernald

    70 degrees sounds like heaven! No socks!


  3. crnbrycst

    Great day barb and love the slump earrings. Today could be another winner if the rain goes away. How do I discourage starlings? They are eating us out of house and bird feeders!


    • Barb Fernald

      What a beautiful day! It reached 57º here. Starlings = PIGS! I don’t know how you discourage them. They take over the feeders here too. Sign of spring?


  4. Enjoying so much your lovely blog..fellow islander.:) What courage..brrr!..Today, here in the Azores, the ocean water temp. is warmer than the air!


    • Barb Fernald

      Fellow islander! Your island must be beautiful. How many people? Nice to meet you through Shanon’s blog. The water here is rarely warmer than the air! (Although it is when the air temperature is below freezing.)
      You have a lovely blog as well, and unusual and very pretty jewelry!


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