It’s not like a train…

…my commute on the mail boat. Everyone gets tired of their commute, no matter what mode of transportation. I do too. But sometimes I get to ride with some pretty interesting passengers. (Like 28,000 bees a few weeks ago.)  Yesterday, the ride was one to make me smile.

Araucana chicks, also known as Easter Egg chicks because they will grow up to lay eggs that are not brown or white, but blue or green!

Today was one of those days where I felt like I laid an egg. I just couldn’t focus. I had time to work in the studio, but I had trouble starting or finishing anything. It was just sort of a dumb day. Outside it was drizzly, foggy and cold. I talked with my mom in the afternoon and she said, “You know, it’s just kind of a dumb day.” Bruce came home from hauling traps, and the minute he walked through the door he said, “What a dumb day!” Three votes for dumb. I guess it was just that kind of day around here.

I recouped some momentum by making chili and cornbread for dinner. Afterwards I watched an episode of “Mad Men” with Bruce, paid bills,  balanced checkbooks and made sourdough bread. I even wrote a thank you note. The dumb day ended.


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10 responses to “It’s not like a train…

  1. Yay for baby chicks and Mad Men! And you paid bills and wrote a thank you note? And made chili and cornbread? I say you did a pretty excellent salvage job! Take that, dumb day!


    • Barb Fernald

      Yeah, take that, dumb day! Glad we don’t have any baby chicks. Though they were awfully cute. I’ll enjoy looking at the chicks of others. Wonder who/what will be on the boat tomorrow when I go back off the island for a day of errands?


  2. hmmmm. i was just thinking about how much i wanted a couple of those baby chicks… might be a dumb day for me-it’s 4:48 am and my neck is so stiff i can’t use the treadmill…we’ll see what the rest brings….


    • Barb Fernald

      ooh. Take care of that neck. I hope it does not turn into a dumb day for you. Doesn’t your faculty room have an annex with those massage chairs, and a massager therapist on call as a required health benefit for teachers?


  3. Ahh. I ‘ve wanted to have Araucana chicks to I could get blue eggs! I think they are so sweet. Hubby says just one more thing to deal with…… I haven’t got them….yet….. :-D Hope tomorrow is a better day


    • Barb Fernald

      I’ll enjoy seeing those eggs in someone else’s chicken coop. I agree w/ your husband. One more thing….
      The days following the dumb one were a lot better!


  4. It may have been a dumb day, but those chicks are adorable! Seeing them would have been the highlight of my day, for sure!


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