Low tide and fog…

…to start the day.  A 7 a.m. walk after taking a few days off from a bunch of things. (Including blog posts.)

By afternoon, the sun was out, the tide was high, and the Dip of the Month Club took their May dip in honor of Mother’s Day. Prompted by Beatrice and Xander, who went swimming yesterday, their mom, Melissa, took her first dip of the month. “After I finally got in, it wasn’t so bad!”

The water has warmed up to about 45°. Three of us went in the water 4 different times. Joy, Bea and Xander went in 5 times. It looks almost like summer doesn’t it?


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7 responses to “Low tide and fog…

  1. what a great way to celebrate mothers day! after a wonderful brunch and some flower-planting, i snoozed with my mother-in-law in her stuffy livingroom while watching inside edition….


    • Happy Mother’s Day! I could never do that!


    • Barb Fernald

      Hey Holly, are you taking your mother-in-law on your trip…..? Flower planting sounds like a good Mother’s Day activity. It’s almost warm enough here to do that!


      • holly kellogg

        no, mama’s not coming along….she was in a terrible car accident about 15 years ago that has left her with seriously limited ability to move around. i suspect she won’t get back there again….all of her family is here anyway-i’m pretty sure she doesn’t care to go.


  2. And Happy Birthday too!


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Sue. 10 years ago I never would have imagined going in the water like that either. Now there are 4 of us who make sure we do it every month!


  3. crnbrycst

    What a great way to spend the day! Missed your blogs. xoxoSusan


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