Off island Tuesday

I wish I could have captured the exact look of the sky this morning as I prepared to board the mailboat for a day off island. A snow/rain squall was going by between Islesford and Mount Desert Island. The light was beautiful.

The pavement onto the pier in Northeast Harbor was there this morning and gone by this afternoon! By the time we boarded the mailboat for the ride home, Ted’s mail truck had found yet a new parking spot, right on the dock. (As indicated by its official cone.) Construction continues…

Home with a fire in the wood stove by 4:30, and a reminder from my friend, Susan White, to back up my computer. I admit to having this external hard drive for almost a year without unwrapping it and putting it to its intended use.

Thank you Susan. Thank you LaCie. Thank you Time Machine.




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6 responses to “Off island Tuesday

  1. holly

    oh my gosh..i did the same thing! bought an external and left it wrapped on a shelf in a box for almost a year!!! when i finally hooked it up a couple months ago it was so easy! and time machine is so great that next time you hook it up it will find ONLY the new items and back up THOSE so it takes just a bit of time…
    hope the day off island was not too aggravating…
    i’m home today to spend 8 hours catching up on grading…..weird, i know, but the only way to do it so end-of-semester in a week doesn’t throw me over the edge.


    • Barb Fernald

      I think taking a day at home, while everyone is out of the house, to catch up on anything, makes the utmost sense! You are a smart cookie! Enjoy the quiet time.
      Happy grading.


      • Susan White

        Glad you got the LaCie out. what a lifesaver! Hoping for reasonable weather Friday. Barb Stainton is coming and Sarah and Dick also…haven’t told Helen about you all. S


      • Barb Fernald

        Yay LaCie! Thanks so much for the reminder. It was so easy. Looks good for Friday. You’re making a fun party! Guess what, Helen reads my blog. The cat may be out!


  2. Sally

    Pretty impressive, wasn’t it?

    It crossed my mind (as we headed out from Gt) that maybe the high school was closed by ice on the roads or something. I called the school and the woman who answered had no idea why I was asking about being closed for foul weather, it was lovely…… Amazing how different the parts of MDI can be!

    And I’m really glad to know the pavement was there in the morning! I hoped I wasn’t being so far out of it that I hadn’t noticed yet another chopped up part of the area (it wd be very nice if they’d dig up and flatten the current entry to the dock area, get rid of all the Wheel Base Challenge)!

    I’m so glad that it’s still light when we get home at 4! It’s been a month since the sun started setting later again.


    • Barb Fernald

      Yesterday had a little bit of everything! I think the new Harbormaster’s office and all the rearrangements will be great when it’s all finished.

      Wonder what the roads will be like tomorrow. Stay safe!


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