29 years ago tonight…

…we became parents. And these were the most beautiful baby photos I had ever seen!

Our sons were born 5 weeks early, but we all survived and thrived.  As I was coming out of the fog of an emergency C-section for Robin, our second born, Bruce handed me these photos and all I saw were 2 boys, each with 10 fingers, 10 toes, and pink healthy skin.  I did not get to meet them in person until the next day.

Robin came home after a week, and Cameron(the Fritzer) came home 4 weeks after that. And they grew…

…and grew. And became the best sons any parent could ever want to have.


Happy birthday Fritz and Robin. You have made being a mother the very best job in the world!


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11 responses to “29 years ago tonight…

  1. Kathleen Lake

    I don’t feel old, I don’t feel old, I don’t feel old. I don’t! Wasn’t that seriously about — well — TEN years ago?! Why are you letting your ten-year-olds get married and go to college and stuff? I know they’re prodigies… but do you think they are ready?? After all, they just started learning how not to drool their peach-pin. This really gets me all


  2. How sweet! The photo of you gazing at your newborn is priceless!


    • Barb Fernald

      I was so much younger then! I remember it felt very surreal since it was the next day, and I didn’t think either of the babies would be able to leave the N.I.C.U. Then they wheeled Robin in for a brief visit.


  3. holly

    sweet…..i’ve never even met them and can’t believe that they’re 29!


  4. Susan White

    Happy birthday to them and Congrats to you and Bruce!


  5. Stephanie Austin

    I LOVE this! (It made me cry just a little bit). My life would have been so much different if none of this happened 29 years (and one day) ago. Thank you for bringing Robin and Fritz into this world and sharing Robin with me!


  6. Lynn

    Belated Happy Birthday to your boys Barb!
    It’s the most wonderful gift, being a parent. I count my blessings every day for my children! As you know, my ‘Baby’ is 7 tomorrow and Hope is 11 in May…… Where have the years gone?
    New, but exciting chapters of our lives are beginning. xxxx


  7. Beautiful boys – beautiful story! :)


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