Getting in to photo mode

I can’t add to my Etsy shop unless I take some photographs. Yesterday was sunny and I got a good start, though I quickly      re-learned how fast the natural light disappears.  I started with a series of lucite earrings to warm up. That’s about as far as I got. Warm, but not hot.  I would have continued today, but we were getting the first snow storm of the winter, so it was not conducive to taking photos. C’mon back Mr. Sun. I have some silver pieces and we have more work to do.


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7 responses to “Getting in to photo mode

  1. holly

    love the rocks pics….the light (and rocks) is (are?) lovely…..your little people cracked me up! snow? lucky you!xo


  2. Kathleen Lake

    Love the Lucite. How much for the MiniParents?


  3. Love your earrings! And I love your little props!


  4. Ok – the earrings are beautiful, but I especially love the tiny people an tiny beach chair! :)


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