After the confusion…

…we had a nice little birthday party for Bruce’s mom, with some healthy hummus to start, and an amazing chocolate hazelnut birthday cake to finish. The course of polenta with sausage, shrimp and mushroom ragu, was pretty darn tasty too. Am I lucky or what? My husband loves to cook when he is taking 3 months off from catching lobsters!

This may be Bruce’s best cake yet. Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling, and chocolate hazelnut buttercream frosting.



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8 responses to “After the confusion…

  1. Susan White

    It all sounds wonderful..looks terrific too!!!


  2. That looks amazing! I may need that recipe…if Bruce doesn’t mind sharing it.


    • Barb Fernald

      Susan, it’s in the February issue of Food and Wine magazine. page 59. It was a whole article about layer cakes and various fillings and frostings. Sort of a mix and match. It was the first time he made it.


  3. Sally

    Yum. Any of that cake left? It looks fabulous. The recipe wd let me make it again over here. (swap chocolate recipes?)


  4. Kathleen Lake

    I think you may have to start the Iron LobsterChef blog. Because I want the recipe too.


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